Why Buy A Polish Chicken?

The Poland Chicken is the smallest among the breeds of chickens. Their size is two to three inches in length, although they may grow to four feet in total. These neat looking birds are generally white in color; however, some have brownish patches on their neck and breast. These patches may also appear as stripes on their neck. Interestingly enough, a few have blue or gray wings.

The Polish or Poland is an Italian breed of small white-colored chickens probably originated in the province of Trentino-Alto Adigo. The oldest documented evidence of these birds coming down from the Netherlands come from The Netherlands; their precise origins still remain unknown. They are also adorned with colorful big curly combs, which almost fully cover the whole head. There are also some with prominent chestnut wrinkles.

Many people think the Poland chicken is a confused cross between a white turkey and chicken. They are actually unrelated, and belong to a different breed altogether. The American poultry association classifies the Polish as a separate breed all its own, distinguishing them from the turkeys and white chickens.

The polish chicken came to America via Germany and Italy. While there is no proof, it is believed that the Polish were first brought over here by the French during the 18th century. At that time, they were commonly called Percheron, meaning “chicken of the pole,” due to their ability to stay on the upright position for long periods of time even without aid. In fact, these chickens were so useful that they quickly became the number one poultry breed in America.

Today, these gentle birds are popular throughout the United States and Canada. While the majority of poland chickens are generally good clean birds, some seem to have more personality than others. Some seem to be more stubborn or untidy than others, while others seem to be less inclined to lay eggs, or eat less. No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find a breed that’s just right for you.

If you want the best quality eggs and are looking for a chicken breed that lays quality eggs, look into the new breed of Polish chicken called the polish bantam. This cross between a white chicken and older poland chicken makes an excellent choice for consumers who demand the best chicken eggs available. Polish bantams will not only be healthy and happy, but they will have a sweet disposition to go along with their fine egg whites. The best part about these little birds is that they can be easily maintained by feeding them a high-fiber diet and cleaning their eggs daily with soap and water.

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