Which Are Dangerous to Turtle Pets?

There are several poisonous plants which cause death and extreme damage to turtles. These plants can be identified through the distinctive smell they give off, and if they grow near the turtle they should be avoided at all costs. If you know a naturalist or an expert in exotic pets then you should be able to identify poisonous plants for your turtles without much difficulty. These plants can also be identified through the marks they leave on the turtle.

Rose of Sharon is a poisonous flower, which grows in many parts of Africa. Its flowers can be quite fragrant and it has a smell that is not unlike a small variety of rose. The leaves of this plant are long and thin and very fragile and the stem of the plant can break off and cause a severe injury to a turtle. The best time to attempt to feed a turtle using this plant is when it is blooming.

The next plant to be mentioned which is poisonous to turtle pets is the cactus. The leaves of this cactus are very long and it has tiny white flowers. When the flower is in bloom, the cactus will produce a smell which can be very toxic to turtle pets. The best time to attempt to feed a turtle using this cactus is during its bloom period. You must be extremely careful not to touch the flower because it is very slippery and it could cause a broken leg.

The last cactus we will discuss is the desert cactus. This plant is also quite dangerous for turtles. The tiny white flowers are very dangerous and this plant can cause a severe skin irritation, which can easily lead to death. It is advised that you do not feed any turtle pets which have been drenched in the desert cactus. If you come across such a plant you must remove it and throw it away immediately.

If you have multiple turtle pets then you must ensure that they all stay separated. There are many species of birds and reptiles that enjoy eating turtles and you should keep away from these species if you want your turtles to survive. As turtles are omnivores they can also eat other animals including small fish, insects and other reptiles. It is therefore important that you make sure that you keep the other species away from your turtles.

Turtles are fascinating creatures and one of the favorite pets around the world. However, it is important that you make sure that you do not feed them any potentially poisonous plants. If you take the time and trouble to educate yourself on the feeding habits of your turtles, you can greatly reduce the risk of them encountering poisonous plants. So, what plants are poisonous to turtle pets?

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