What to Look for in a Purebred Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx Cat is an excellent example of how one can use genetics to create a cat that has an exceptional coat. The original breed was created by crossing a domestic cat and a lioness. The result was the “Lion Leopard” cats, and these felines went on to become recognized around the world. The modern day Sphynx breeds are those felines that have been derived from the originally developed breeds and preserve the natural traits of cats that were “derived”. It is not uncommon to see both the domestic and the lioness ancestor of the Sphynx line living together in the same household.

The original name for the sphynx cat was “Simba’s pride”. This name evolved when two of the cats initially bred but lost, their babies to a rival specie. As a result, they began calling themselves the sphynx, which stuck. The modern day sphynx cat is often referred to as a ‘cream-colored cat’.

The primary difference between the domestic cat and the sphynx cat is hairlessness. Hairlessness in cats is actually a trait that is passed down genetically, and not vice versa. It is estimated that there are as few as five hundred purebred cats worldwide that are completely hairless. Most of these cats belong to breeds such as the Persian Cat, and the Himalayan. The sphynx breed is thought to be descended from the French cat breed of the same name.

While the modern cats do not bear any resemblance to their ancient ancestors, they still have a few distinct physical traits. For example, sphynx cats tend to have longer coats than other cats, with their undercoats being very dense. While this results in them being warmer when indoors, it also means that they need less frequent bathing due to their body oils coating their fur so tightly. They also lack the elegant hairlessness that comes from long hair tufts.

There are a few historical references to the presence of sphynx cats in Europe and Asia, however these reports state that they were actually a rare breed. Subsequently, the breed became extinct in North America around the middle of the nineteenth century. Sphynx cats do tend to have longer legs and body than most domestic cats, and their stocky, muscular appearance is often attributed to the fact that they spend a lot of time outdoors. In spite of their short legs and a wide, sturdy body, these cats actually have the capability to move deftly about on a flat surface.

As with any long haired cat breeds, sphynx cats require regular grooming, especially since they have hairless fur. Due to their long hair, you may have difficulty grooming your sphynx cat properly if they have long hair, as their hair tends to cling to their body and limit your ability to move about. You should invest in a high quality grooming tool, such as a wide-toothed comb, to make your grooming sessions easier and more effective. You may also want to invest in a towel or a brush to help you give your cat the best care possible. Your sphynx cat will definitely thank you for providing them with their unique personality.

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