What Is A Steal And How Do You Know The Difference?

The most common stegal bird is the Common Starling. It is also commonly called Black Starling or Black-winged Sunflower. This bird lives in Central and South America and in tropical and subtropical areas in the north and Pacific Northwest, South Africa, Australia and Caribbean. This is the migratory birds.

Characteristic Description: The common starling has small dark eyes, which are oval in shape with dark irises. It has a bill that is black with red outer band. Its upper and lower halves are white. It has short wings that are narrow at the tips and its head is plain and large. It has dark plumage with clumped white feathers. You can easily see shiny, iridescent green and yellow feathers in all areas of its body except for its face and neck where it lacks these colors.

Flight Behavior: The common seal is a winter flyer. It can survive cold winters even in southern latitudes of north America, where the climate is extremely warm. It can fly for weeks or even months without re-building the needed muscle power. It has been known to spend at least five weeks on the ground without eating.

Egg Laying: The common starling may lay eggs almost twice a year and the clutch sizes may reach one egg every two weeks. The clutch size depends on the number and size of female birds present. When laying eggs, the male starling has a short flight path making it easier for him to enter a female’s nest carrying eggs. He lays a single egg in each cavity.

Characteristic Of The Young Birds: Most common stegal have small dark eyes which are almond in shape. They are also somewhat stocky looking with broad heads and a thick bill. A variety of color patches are seen in the young birds with some being completely colorless. They have short and rounded tails and short legs. On the upper parts of the body they have small white feathers.

Note: While these are the common characteristics of the common stegal bird, each breed has slightly different characteristics. For instance, the black-collared starling has light-colored throat and breast, a dark forehead and breast, and a rump of white feathers in the middle of the chest. They also have a short tail and a white rump. The barn owl has a white chest and black eyebrows and throat, a white rump, and a white under-belly.

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