What Is a Devon Rex Cat?

Origin. The Devon Rex cat was a curly-coated cat first found in Devon in 1960, just before its decline to the brink of extinction. Unlike the Cornish Rex cat, the Devon Rex cat’s coat is acquired via a genetic inheritance, which means that inbreeding was required to perpetuate the species. Like many of the breeds of cat found today, the Devon Rex originated in Britain. Some believe that the purebreds were originally mixed breed cats, which explains the wide array of available Devon Rex Cat varieties.

Characterization. The Devon Rex retains some of the more traditional feline personality traits, including a sweet and gentle personality. Devon Rex cats tend to be independent and strong willed, with a confident but not overly loud personality. While this breed may appear less friendly and playful than the more outgoing cat varieties, they are nevertheless very lovable and are well known for their affectionate and loving personalities.

Body/ Coat. The coat of this breed tends to be long and silky, with an undercoat that is somewhat wavy. The hair is generally oiled, although some will be brushed entirely. This type of coat requires a lot of grooming, as it is prone to matting and tangling. This coat is the most maintenance-free among all breeds and requires regular bathing or deep brushing to maintain its beautiful appearance.

Personality. This cat is a true character breed, with a sweet personality and a penchant for lovable, elderly humans. These cats will become friendly almost immediately and will often entertain family members with their perky personalities. The rex cat is extremely tolerant of others who will spend time with this unique breed and will often get along with other pets as well. This breed will also make a good pet for families with other pets, because it is not overly demanding and does not have a high drive to dominate.

Exercise Needs. Devon Rex cats are very active and require a lot of exercise to stay healthy and satisfied. These cats will love to play in the house, chase a ball, or run around. Devon Rex cats will also need time outside to be let out to run, climb, and play with other cats and dogs, or to run around on a leash.

Grooming. The coat of this breed is very delicate, making it necessary to take proper care of it. Excessive brushing is required, and the cat may suffer from hair loss if the hair is not properly brushed out. Since Devon Rex cats have large ears, they will benefit from ear cleaning on a regular basis, as well as shampooing each ear once each month. The owner should clean around the eyes, on the lips and gums, and comb the hair on the neck.

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