What Are The Signs That My Cat Is Stressed Out?

If you are like me, then you may have already suspected the signs that my cat is stressed out and is in need of some outside time. A tired cat with a lack of energy is an unhappy cat. An energetic cat with no rest is a stressed cat. So how can you tell the difference between these two cats and how can you help your tired cat to get back on track?

The first thing I did when my cat was constantly jumping around and trying to play with me was to put him on my computer. He seemed to like it better there than in my lap so I put him there. Over time he became more aware of his surroundings. His attempts at playing with you during this time may have been a sign that he was getting bored. He may have also tried to climb out of your lap several times but found that it was too high for him.

Another indication that my buddy may be having trouble is that he rubs against you a lot. I know my cat only touches me on the underbelly, so I didn’t think anything of it until one day he rubbed against me so hard that I actually fell off of the table. I didn’t break a sweat and didn’t call in for help. He calmed down after a little bit and didn’t continue to rub against me but I do notice him rubbing against the wall or on the furniture. I don’t think he likes it though because after about a month he goes right back to rubbing against me.

Another one of the signs that my cat is stressed out is that he is very affectionate. My cat is so much nicer to me now that he loves me to death. Before he just curled up on my lap and would come sleep right beside me. Now he may cuddle me and purr at me or may even sit on me but more than likely he is very loving towards me.

One more of the signs that my cat is very stressed out is when he doesn’t want to eat. I used to be the one that would feed him and give him food but he doesn’t want me to. Sometimes he will just refuse to eat altogether and that can really upset me. When this happens I usually have to rush him to the vet because he is obviously not feeling well.

There you have it. Some signs that my cat is stressed out. If your cat is acting out of the ordinary and you don’t see these signs, then you should definitely get him to the vet for an assessment. The vet can determine that there may be some underlying health issues causing these unusual behaviors and can provide the assistance that your cat needs to get better fast.

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