Types of Turtle Health Food

Turtles have a different feeding pattern than tortoises and birds. They will eat both fresh and salt water pellets or flakes. In this article I will review some popular turtle health food brands to provide the perfect source of nutrition for your pet turtle.

Pellets are the most common turtle health food, available in many retailers. They are primarily sold in grocery stores and pet specialty stores, but you can also find them at many online sites. There is a variety of pellet types available, including beef heart, chicken, and beef heart meal. There are two major companies who sell pellets, with each one having several lines of products. You can review some of my retired mod posts about these companies, including my review of Exo-Pellet which is by far the best brand on the market today.

Another popular pellet type is the Chicken Bones food (also known as the MR2 Year-Old Residue). This food has received several US Department of Agriculture (USDA) seal of approval, including one for the safety of chickens and eggs. Chicken bones and other parts are a good source of dietary calcium and protein, which should be a part of all turtle food diet. The only drawback to this food is that it contains much higher levels of fat than other pellet types, so turtles should be careful not to over-feed on this type of food.

The third food I want to discuss today is called Murphy’s Energie Balance. It is a quality turtle food that offers a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. The only drawback to this turtle health food is that it contains a high level of cholesterol, which may be harmful to your turtle. However, Murphy’s turtle pellets can easily be replaced with other types of pellets or even beef or chicken bones. There have also been no reports of negative effects from using Murphy’s energy balance.

The last turtle health food that I want to discuss in this article is called reptomin baby food. Reptomin baby food is specifically designed for hatchlings and young turtles that are still growing. It contains all of the proteins, fats, and vitamins that your turtle needs to grow strong and healthy. Many of the ingredients found in reptomin baby food brands were also used by the species of turtle that was raised on the manufacturer’s product. They have been carefully formulated to meet the nutritional needs of reptiles.

As you can see, there are a number of different types of turtle health food to choose from. With the variety of products available today, it should be easy to find the right mix of products that will best benefit your turtle. Pellets are a great option because they are portable and easily stored. Turtle pellets will help keep your turtle healthy, happy, and growing strong. Make sure to give your turtle the right kind of food, and they will be with you for many years.

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