Types of Puppy Breeds

The Shih Tzu is perhaps one of the best known and most recognized type of puppy breeds in the world today. This friendly and gentle breed is a great choice for most people and homes because of its cute, playful nature and good temperament. Although the Shih Tzu is considered by many to be a type of toy, it is actually a very intelligent and loyal companion. This is one of the many benefits to owning a Shih Tzu.

One of the best-known and popular type of puppy breeds is the German Shepard. These dogs are typically obedient, gentle and calm, and make excellent pets. The German Shepherd is actually a domesticated carnivorous of the genus Canidae. It’s the second most common terrestrial carnivore and is regarded as an intelligent, loyal companion.

Another type of puppy breeds is the Golden Retriever. This is a dog that is sometimes referred to as a mutt because it contains several breeds of fur. These include the standard American and British Standard and American Kennel Club registered fur types. Most Golden Retrievers weighs between seven and fifteen pounds and has dark eyes.

The Shih Tzu is another type of puppy breeds that is popular among those who like a small dog with strong working instincts. Because of their small size, they need extra care and attention to be more than merely affectionate. They tend to respond well to training, but are not suited well for homes with children or other pets. However, these dogs have a loving temperament, making them ideal choices for families with kids. They possess the athletic ability of retrievers and possess an innate sense of urgency.

The Dalmatian is another type of puppy breeds that is popular among those who are looking for a small dog with powerful muscles. It was developed in China and because of its strength, it became popular as a sport. The breed is strong, with a built that is similar to that of a bull. The dogs tend to grow up quickly, weighing up to twenty-one pounds, although puppies can be as small as six pounds.

The Boston Terrier is one of the three types of puppy breeds that can be traced back to England. These dogs are warm and friendly, with a desire to please their owners. They live with very active families and are great family dogs. They tend to grow up at an average of eleven to fifteen pounds, although puppies can be as small as six pounds. They are intelligent and loyal and make great companions.

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