Training Your Pet to Be a Well-Mannered Pet

So now that you know what there’s to learn about training your pet, but how to train your pet really well? This step is often tricky for new hunters since the icon for Beast Training isn’t, as you may expect, on the General tab of the spellbook and isn’t, in fact, under-Beast Mastery. Don’t worry, though, because this is an easy mistake to avoid at all costs. The key to training your pet effectively, especially when it comes to beast mastery, is to get the training done, then let it sink in.

When you train your pet, you want to make sure that you use positive reinforcement. While a pet may have some negative behaviors, it is still a dog. Dogs want to please their owners, and they can learn what behaviors are acceptable through repetition. Just like a child, a dog will respond better to positive reinforcement than negative.

One way to reinforce acceptable behaviors for your pets is to reward them with a treat after a job well done. This works well with many animals, including dogs. Say, for instance, that you were teaching your dog to sit. First, show him that his reward (a treat) would be welcome if he sat quietly and stayed where he was. If your dog responds wonderfully to this cue, then you’ve reinforced his sitting behavior.

If your dog doesn’t react at all to the treats or responds negatively, ignore him. He will continue to misbehave if you punish him for not sitting quietly. You should also praise your dog whenever he performs a task right, whether that is listening to you or not. Treats should only be given for truly good behavior, after all. Once your dog learns the habit of what constitutes a positive response, you can begin training him to do things that require some physical effort, such as walking on a leash.

Another method for reinforcing positive dog behavior is to offer your dog a “thought” reward, which can consist of a treat or a piece of cooked food. This is best used when training your pet to sit on command. This will reinforce the sit command, while still leaving your dog with the enjoyable experience of having cooked food available to him.

Positive dog behavior is simple to accomplish, and can be very rewarding. In fact, most dogs enjoy being treated in a positive manner. Positive dog behavior will result in a happier pet and one that are more comfortable around people and other animals.

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