The Popularity of the Papillon Dog Breed

The Papillon dog breeds descend from the stuffed toy spaniels that are often depicted in famous paintings by the Old Masters, up to as far back as the late 16th century. They are highly prolific and very fast working dogs. Although these are true purebred dogs, there are still available to be found in the care of various rescue organizations or shelters. They can be the perfect companion for the elderly or those with a physical handicap. The breed is also very intelligent.

The pavilion is a very playful breed, which makes them the perfect pet for children, while at the same time making them a very good choice for seniors too. The breed needs to be around people to prevent it from becoming bored, and as such, should be socialized to people of the same sex as well as other animals, in order to prevent the occurrence of patellar luxation. This disorder, otherwise known as luxating patella, occurs as a result of joint problems. When this disorder affects the knee, it creates great pain and is very painful for the dog. In most cases, the dog will have to be put on a wheelchair and will not be able to perform any of its normal movements.

Some breeds are more athletic than others, and the papillon dog breed falls into that category. They are extremely quick while playing, which makes them an excellent choice for a hunting companion. They are gentle and quite lovable, and have been said to have a temperament that is close to that of a dachshund. These dogs also make an excellent choice for those who are looking for a long-term companion. Due to their high intelligence, they are also known to be good problem solvers, and can be trained accordingly.

Papillons love water and have been reported to do well in even dry climates. This is what helps to explain why so many of these dogs end up as service or show dogs. They are also extremely affectionate and make a good choice for families with children. These dogs have a reputation as being very affectionate toward animals of all kinds, including humans. In fact, one of the reasons that papillon dogs are so well known and have such a loyal following is because many of them were used by circus performers.

A papillon dog should have clean, somewhat soft skin. Their coats should be short and smooth, and hair should not be graying. They should be about nine to ten inches in length, with a tail that is straight and naturally strong. There are several colors available in this breed, including black, white, and tan, and they can also be mixed colors if that is what the owner wants. Papillons can also be found in a number of different sizes, including those that are two feet long, which are known as miniature papillons.

The temperament of a papillon is one that is highly recommended if you are looking for a family pet. They have very friendly personalities, and although they are not overly demanding, they do not like being picked on or treated roughly. They also have a sweet nature and are gentle with children. This makes them an ideal choice for a first dog, or for someone who is interested in a small dog that will grow with it. These dogs also make an excellent choice for a sport dog, and most show standards even require at least a moderate sporting coat.

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