The Arowana Fish – One Of The Most Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Arowana fish is a carnivorous fish that belongs to the family of the surgeonfish. These fish have evolved over time and are widely used in Asian waters as a source of fresh water fish food. In fact, they are being raised in aquaculture in Japan, China and Korea. They are also used for their meat, which is considered a delicacy in some Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The Eastern arowana contains a number of morphologically distinct species with different physical traits. Most often, when arowana is mentioned, one species is typically East arowana. However, separate research by Pouyaud and colleagues have distinguished these species into at least three separate species, probably more. Some of the species are still quite poorly known.

The genus Caper would be the first to be included in this group of arowana fish. They are a very large arowana fish, reaching around 11 inches in total length. Like the other members in this genus, they have dense bodies with pointed fins. They are also relatively streamlined, giving them a streamlined look when swimming.

There are seven species of the genus Esox. These are commonly called river arowana fish. Among them is the Asagi arowana fish, which is the smallest of all the species. The other six members of the genus belong to the order Telarcia. These fish differ in size and color.

Although arowanas are carnivores, they are omnivores. They eat plants, seeds, algae, insects and other small animals, as well as some forms of fish, meat and feathers. They are about half fish, half plant, which explains why they sometimes appear as if they are a cross between a fish and a crocodile. This is because they have a hard body and a lizard-like tail.

Although arowana fish can survive in many kinds of water, they are most commonly found in fresh waters such as streams, lakes and even ponds. They should be kept in tanks that have a filter to remove large particles from their water. Since they do not have scales like sharks and whales, they tend to be easier to spot when they are injured. If you notice arowana damaged, it is better to let it heal before trying to handle it.

To grow arowana fish, the best habitat for them is a large container with good circulation and lots of sun and oxygen. They should also be given food rich in protein and salt, since these are the basic building blocks of their bodies. It should be fed regularly, since it is their only source of food and energy. You can add some goldfish or freshwater crayfish to this diet. Crayfish are also known to provide a good amount of nutrition to arowana fish.

Since arowana fish can grow up to 2 feet long, they are very suitable as pets. However, it is a must that you know how to handle them properly, because an injured arowana fish can easily get its tail caught in the water and choked to death. Another common problem that occurs when using arowanas as pets is that people tend to feed it too much. If the arowana is not cared for properly, it will just keep on growing until it gets really big and out of control.

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