The American Boxer Dog Breed

A Boxer dog is often one of the more difficult dogs to own, primarily because they tend to be a bit on the timid side. Although most Boxers are peaceful family dogs, some Boxers are rather aggressive or dominant toward other animals of the same gender, and some even are truly cat friendly. Boxers require constant leadership. They have a tendency to “go for it” when things get a bit out of hand or when their pack leader is not around. If you own a boxer dog, here are some tips for training your dog.

– Even though Boxers were originally bred as hunting dogs, they are equally at home in families with children or other pets. It does take time and patience, but Boxers love attention. Providing constant entertainment and exercise for your boxer dog will help him gain your trust and avoid some of the potentially dangerous behaviors that can come from undisciplined dogs. This also ensures that your boxer dog will maintain good behavior even if you aren’t home.

– Socialization is very important for Boxers. Because the boxer dog has a short coat that is easily damaged, it was originally bred as a companion breed. But because of its confident, daring nature, Boxers do really well in just about any environment. They tend to do best in families with adults who are responsible, dependable people who are used to training, and who can provide the right type of socialization for Boxers.

– Just as with many other dog breeds, Boxers do have a “ferocious” tendency to follow their owners. They tend to run when they see something or someone that they think is a threat, so they should be given leashes to keep them under control. And just as with other breeds of dogs, Boxers have been known to be prone to hip and knee problems, so regular checkups by your veterinarian are important. Breeders who do not give proper care to their dogs can have an expensive vet bill waiting for them down the road. Talk to your veterinarian before purchasing your boxer dog and make sure you ask about the health concerns that he will check for during the checkup.

– Crate training is a favorite for Boxers, although they are very active and playful dogs, they can get bored if they do not have a routine. So, crate training is a great way to keep your boxer dog from becoming bored. You should start crate training at around three to four months of age, but you may want to start sooner. A boxer dog that have been crate trained will be less destructive when you leave the house, and you will find that your crate training will go very smoothly.

– The American boxer dog breed is a very loyal breed that is sometimes more difficult to housebreak than other dogs, especially those with lighter coats. Boxers should not be used in households with smaller children, as they can get jealous if they see their siblings being picked on. Larger mixed breeds like the boxer mix or bulldogs can be problematic as well, but boxer dogs are often better in families with younger children. The American boxer dog breed is a highly athletic breed that should not be left alone in the home.

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