Tegu Lizards

The giant green and black tegu or as commonly known, the giant tegu or black-cheeked tegu is placental species of lizards in the Order Crocodile Order. The animal is one of three species known to inhabit South America. The other species is the giant lagartensis or the purple tongue lizard, the giant tegu or the black tongue lizards in the order Lagartata.

The tegu is an omnivore. It feeds on vegetation and even on slugs and snails, although it preys mostly on birds and mammals. Because of its omnivorous habits, tegus are capable of surviving in a range of habitats, including deserts, swamps, jungles, plains, and mountains.

The tegu’s name is derived from the word tegua which means “wingless”. However, these lizards have wings that cover their whole bodies except for their heads. These animals are generally stocky with a flat body length. Tegu have grayish brown coloration on their body and gray stripes on their tail.

These animals grow to an average of 2 feet long. There are two subspecies of the tegu species; the Isabella tegu and the Fernandina tegu. They have slightly different appearance but they both belong to the same species. These two subspecies can be distinguished by their distinct markings and the size of their head and the size of their tail.

The giant tegu is considered to be a delicacy among Peruvian people. The rich taste of this meat makes it very popular among the people of Peru. These lizards also have wide distribution in other parts of South America like in Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guayana and Guyana. You can buy tegu in many markets throughout Peru and South America. In the United States, you can find tegu available at most big and local grocery stores.

The availability of tegu in the market has created a large demand for this product. The price of tegu varies depending on the breed, quantity and quality. If you are looking for a bargain tegu is best to purchase as they are widely available in most stores. They are also easily available through online shopping websites. If you are searching for the best deal in tegu search engines and compare prices. You will definitely get a better deal online than at the supermarket or farm market.

There are many advantages that you can get from owning a giant tegu. As they do not shed too much, you can simply leave them inside your house. They are also quite easy to look after as long as you feed them with the correct food. You will not have to worry if your tegu becomes ill because they tend to eat anything and everything so they are quite healthy. They are also not aggressive unlike most lizards.

Tegu are not as active as other lizards, so you may have to buy them some toys to keep them occupied while you are not around. You can find tegu in the market in many different colors and breeds. It is advisable to buy a male and female of the same sex so that the new mother has enough fry to help raise them. It is not very hard to take care of tegu as long as you know what you are doing. Their lifespan is anywhere between seven to ten years so you need not worry about tegu’s health too much.

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