Secrets From a Pest Expert

Are you looking to get into the pet products industry? There are many different steps to make sure that you are prepared for your business, and this article will outline those steps. When you are first starting out with a new company, it is always a good idea to spend some time online, looking at other companies and what they are doing. This can be done via forums, or by reading through trade publications to get an idea of the trends going on in the industry.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the pet products industry. APPA often gets questions from individuals who have an amazing product idea and would like to begin manufacturing. Unfortunately, being able to ascertain whether or not your product will ever be considered by the EPA is impossible until you’ve started selling your product, however, can certainly offer you some helpful advice in determining…

What is the concentration level of each of the ingredients that are in your pet products? Most pet products are comprised of meat meal, poultry meal, and by products. If you are able to locate a high concentration of one or more ingredients, then you can be sure that your products will be considered low in toxicity. However, if you find that even one or two ingredients are extremely high, it may be best to remove these products from your pet menu altogether. High concentrations of toxins can be dangerous to your pets.

What are the pet products regulations for dogs and cats? Many states, such as California, have passed laws requiring that pet food labels state if a product contains one or more prohibited substances. Some states have even implemented a “pooch-alert” system whereby dogs and cats can be alerted if they ingest any of the pet products. If a pet owner determines that their pet has ingested a banned substance, they are advised to take their pet to the veterinarian immediately. The same rule applies to cats.

What is the shelf life of pet products? Many dog and cat foods last up to a year while cat foods only last a month. While most dogs and cats enjoy their foods, they certainly don’t look forward to eating them. Therefore, it’s best to store pet products in a cool, dry, dark place – away from direct sunlight and away from pet waste.

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