Pictures of Rescue Dogs Near Me

My blog is all about rescuing dogs and finding good homes for them. When I started this profession, a friend of mine asked me if I knew of any good resources for pictures of rescue dogs near me. I looked online and did find a few good websites offering a variety of pictures of dogs in various stages of rescue. They are mostly offered free of charge. I have also found several web sites that will allow you to download one of the pictures of rescue dogs near me as a JPEG file.

One of the pictures of rescue dogs I found was entitled: “Puppy paradise on Highway 41”. This is a picture of a little terrier called Papageno at the rescue facility for the betterment of his human friends. The photo shows Papageno at the puppies training school when he was just a puppy. The caption reads, “learning to walk on a dog leash, he is adorable.” It looks like a little fur ball is trying to get the attention of a large white lab.

Another great rescue dog photo I found was entitled: “Airedog”. This is another cute looking terrier that looks like it could be an Italian Greyhound. The photo is of Airedog in its early stages of life just days after being rescued from the streets of New York City. The caption reads, “Look at this big dog standing up with his head high. He probably thinks he’s the greatest dog alive!” Airedog looks very happy despite the fact he is only days old.

One of the most popular pictures of rescue dogs near me is one that was taken by a man named Joe Lora. Joe had adopted a small Chihuahua named Lucy, who was left at a local animal rescue facility after her owner was murdered. For a few days, Joe and Lucy stayed at the facility and brought pet supplies every day to take care of Lucy. In this picture, you can see the two enjoying their time at the rescue facility.

Another group of dogs featured in a few pictures of rescue dogs near me are Jack and Jill, a French Bulldog and a Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs were brought to our area by their owner after they were rescued by Animal Rescue Dogs of Arlington, Virginia. Both dogs have a beautiful white collar around their neck. Their owner, who is not related to them, was a convicted animal abuser. He was sentenced to two years in prison and was recently released.

If you take a minute out to look through some of these pictures of rescue dogs near me, you will find many others waiting for their forever home. What a wonderful job all the local animal rescue groups do by finding these loving dogs new homes. They are an invaluable group of people who truly care about all the animals that are left in this world. You may be able to help them find permanent homes for some very special dogs.

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