My Dog is So Cute, I Want to Own Her

The delightful, heartwarming “My Dog the Pug” by Emerald Coast award-winner Rachel Isadora captures the magic and wonder of owning a pet dog. In this charming book, the first author behind the “Pug” character introduces her puppy to the people who would love to adopt it. Dogs are so much work! What a fantastic way to share their joy!

Cute, mischievous, loving – dogs are as lovable as people. They are loyal, devoted companions, and an integral part of a family unit. From puppy to adult, dogs are entertaining and fun, with an almost limitless variety of personality traits. “My Dog the Pug” follows a happy-go-lucky Cocker Spaniel’s transformation from sad-looking husky to a cuddly, lovable dog – complete with wagging tail and a mischievous twinkle. This is a book for everyone, even those who prefer dogs not be very talkative.

Emerald Coast author Rachel Isadora is known for her delightful children’s books including “Kitten’s First Full Moon Party,” “Huffle Puff Stories,” “The Fun Lovin’ Pack,” “The Cutie Match Made Easy”, and “My Lovin’ Pup.” Her first Pug book was a Newbery Award winner. A second book in the “My Dog the Pug” series, “Pug Nation,” was recently released. In it, readers get a much broader view of how Pugs live and what they need. And Isadora once again uses the cute Pug figurine – this time a very big one – to convey her feelings about pugs.

I read this book several times, and each time I’m enthralled. I have a soft spot in my heart for all dogs, but my Pug simply oozes love! And as if that weren’t enough, she also exudes a contagious enthusiasm for life and learning – especially herding her own little “puppy flock” of unsuspecting humans along with them on her many adventures. I enjoyed reading about Pugs because Isadora seems to be so fond of them.

Isadora creates an engaging book with lots of memorable scenes, which include Isadora rescuing a drowning Pugslife – literally! Along with this rescue is the surprising but delightful transformation of the Pugs into a loyal, happy family of four. Isadora gives us a look into the daily life of a Pug – from their travels and encounters with people, to their grooming and brushing needs, to their meals and resting habits. If you enjoy dogs and the outdoors, this book will stimulate your mind and touch your heart.

Isadora also includes a variety of interesting facts and figures regarding Pugs. She addresses the unusual personalities of these dogs as well as their grooming needs, shedding, and health problems. The author shows with confidence, empathy, and knowledge why owning a Pug might be a good idea. The fact that Isadora de Mello has a teaching background only enhances the credibility of this valuable book. I know that I can always use books on my subjects, and I know that Isadora de Mello’s “Pug Story” will prove to be an enjoyable read for the whole family. I do hope that Isadora continues on with other Pugs-related projects, and that her writing style will continue to grow.

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