Is Plants Dangerous For Dogs?

Many plants are extremely dangerous for dogs, and in many cases, even humans. If you have a dog or a cat who is particularly fond of flowers, herbs, or trees, make sure that they do not consume any of these plants at your home or in your yard. Some plants that are especially dangerous to dogs include poinsettias, mistletoe, azaleas, cyclamen, begonias, jasmine, and azalea. The plants mentioned above are poisonous if ingested and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and potentially death if taken internally.

To keep your dog-safe plants from ruining your yard or home, and to avoid having to pay a veterinarian a lot of money, you should know which plants are safe, which ones are toxic, and which ones you should leave alone in your garden. Luckily, this information is readily available online. One website that offers complete lists of what plants are safe for your pet and which ones are toxic is Garden Veterinarian. This website also suggests different ways of keeping your garden free of harmful plants and weeds.

One of the things that your vet may suggest help treat your pet’s illness is to eat raw spinach, since it is an excellent source of nutrition. But, be aware that spinach that has been cooked, especially when it is found in a cream sauce, can cause vomiting. Raw spinach that is uncooked can actually be just as good for dogs as it is for humans, although, the difference will come down to the gastrointestinal tract.

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