Is Diarrhea a Result of Giardia Infection For Dogs?

Infection for dogs is usually easy to spot after a visit to the veterinarian. Often, the dog will just be eating and will not notice anything wrong. However, in rare cases, infection can spread from the intestines into the body. This happens when bacteria enter the blood stream via a break in the skin or through a tear in the mucous membrane. The result is a life-threatening condition called sepsis.

The most common bacteria that causes infection in pets is distemper. It is not very harmful to healthy adult dogs, although large numbers of individuals can lead to a distemper-like appearance and sudden weight loss to dogs and even mild-to-moderate cases of diarrhea or vomiting. Severe cases of distemper can lead to seizures and death. Less common is a condition called pemphigoid that is caused by inflammation of the pancreas. Both are viral diseases that need to be treated promptly, or else serious long-term effects may occur.

Giardia is not something that you want to be feeding your pet, but since it is more likely transmitted by humans who know how to prepare food and who have pets at home, some people don’t consider treating their dogs with a Giardia supplement unless the infection has become serious. It’s always best to keep all your pets up-to-date on vaccinations and the right diet. But if you’re concerned about a dog’s diet, you should contact your vet to discuss the best options for treating intestinal infection for dogs.

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