Information Regarding the Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is a naturally occurring long haired breed of cat which was originally developed in the state of Maine, USA. The name of this cat was originally used to define the striped bred cats of the same name. They are said to have been brought to America by French men as sailors and were initially used as gun dogs.

The Maine Coon cat is a social, gentle cat, thus its official name, “the friendly giant”. It is characterised primarily by a wide ruff around its neck, strong muscular bone structure, broad shoulders, an overall triangular body shape, and an all over silky undercoat. They are very friendly and well worth keeping as pets. The gentle personality means that they can be taught to be house trained, although like many other breeds, they can be quite stubborn and may need some firmness from you in order to train them properly.

Coon cats have tufts of hair on their undersides that serve as a natural matting against the fur of the body. This helps them to keep warm when they sleep and also to protect their delicate skin from cold. Their dense, silky coat helps them to insulate against the cold of winter and help them stay much warmer than their lighter furned counterparts. Their undercoats can sometimes have several different colors and patterns, depending upon how they are groomed, but most will be black with varying amounts of color.

Despite their gentle nature, Maine Coon cats can be aggressive towards people or other animals if mishandled. Therefore, it is important to learn how to properly handle and train your Maine Coon cat. Like most other breeds of cat, these cats should be socialized from an early age to avoid aggressive behavior toward people. The more experienced your Maine Coon cat is, the easier it will be to interact with them, especially when the cats start to grow in size.

There are many differences between the color, pattern and markings of the Maine Coon cat and that of the American Fox Terrier, so you will need to know these things before bringing home a kitten. The head of the Maine Coon cat tends to be wider than that of the American Fox Terrier, so the cat’s ears will be triangular instead of rounded. The face of the American Fox Terrier is also straighter, and its nose is oval rather than pointing like that of the Maine Coon Cat. They do not have undercoats, so they must bathe themselves using towels or wash basins.

Maine Coons enjoys playing around in all kinds of areas, including the water, in gardens and along power lines. They are not known for hunting or eating mice, although they will occasionally take one if they are raised in an enclosed fenced area. Maine Coon felines can live up to twenty years on the coat, but their natural life span is much less since they rarely have problems with heat or sickness.

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