How to Grooming Poodle Dogs

Poodle Dogs is highly intelligent, sensitive, and highly structured dogs with lovely personalities. Poodles have many of the same pleasant characteristics seen in many breeds of working dogs. Poodle dogs can be obedient, gentle, and dependable. In addition to traits like those described above, Poodle puppies and older Poodle dogs can be trained to perform many specialized tricks and behaviors. Poodle breeders and owners can take advantage of the working characteristics of Poodle dogs by training them for agility, companion petting, obedience, tracking, sports, or just as a fun pet.

A Poodle dog is any dog with a curly coat and undercoat. The hair of most Poodle dogs comes in three sizes: long hair (hdock), mid-length hair (mocktail), and short hair (spray). All Poodle dogs should be shampooed on a regular basis – once a week. Poodle dogs with longer hair, like the mocktail and brush tail Poodle, will require more frequent shampoos. Poodle dogs that have shorter hair, like the standard Poodle and Toy Poodle, only need a shampoo every two weeks.

The brushing of the coat requires special attention. Poodle owners must brush their coats thoroughly and often. It is not unusual for Poodle dogs to spend hours at a grooming salon brushing and combing their coats. Poodle grooming should be done every three to six weeks, depending on the climate and activity level of the dog. Poodle grooming should not be neglected.

Poodle dogs can be airbrushed. The most popular colors for Poodle dogs are navy blue, slate black, chocolate brown, and golden. Poodle dogs can also be brindle, black and tan, solid black, brindle, platinum, splotchy, or white. Poodle dogs that have solid colored coats can be given a brindle trim.

Poodle grooming is an important part of the Poodle dog’s life. The coat of a Poodle is very thick. This thick coat requires special care. If the Poodle’s coat gets wet, especially during the cold weather, it will take two days to dry. Brushing and combing are necessary to maintain the thick coat.

The diet of Poodles is similar to other dogs in that they should eat a primarily natural dog food. Commercial dog foods can contain too many chemicals and preservatives. Many owners believe that commercial dog food is better than homemade dog food. This belief is not backed by scientific research. In addition, many owners feed their Poodle dogs home cooked meal, which is also not better than homemade meals.

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