How To Find A Good Home For Your Bullmastiff Dog

The gentle and quiet Bullmastiff dog is not suited for delicate or timid owners and needs a very firm but loving environment. It is also very calm and rarely exhibits aggression towards other dogs. However, it does have a bold, stubborn streak that can sometimes lead to some issues.

The bullmastiff dog is a very good candidate for obedience training, because it is highly intelligent and alert. A well socialized bullmastiff dog will quickly learn to respond to commands. The only issue with this breed is that they are known as “barking dogs” due to their high barking rates. Due to their high level of activity and need for exercise, bullmastiff dogs tend to be outside most of the time. Due to their carefree attitude, bullmastiff dogs should be given an ample amount of socialization during the first two years of life.

Bulldogs are prone to both hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, which are common diseases in most large breed dogs. Hip dysplasia causes abnormal joint movement and deformation, while elbow dysplasia causes a softness or laxity in the elbow. This breed is prone to both, and therefore owners should be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of these disorders. A licensed veterinarian can advise the owner of the appropriate testing for each disorder.

While most bullmastiffs come shorn, bullmastiffs that are cropped are not susceptible to problems with their knees. A bullmastiff who has been cropped should not be shaved, since this causes undue stress to the animal. The owner should also check to see if there are any cuts, scrapes, or open wounds on the bullmastiff’s body. Some bullmastiffs have bald heads, and the owner should ask the breeder to avoid using such a dog. The coat of the dog must be thick and shiny to protect against the elements and a shedding dog.

When properly cared for, bullmastiffs will remain healthy, strong, and attractive. Good nutrition and regular exercise are essential in maintaining good health and muscle tone. The cost of a bullmastiff can vary widely depending on the breed, and many of these dogs are used as live stock in low-cost venues such as fairs or pet shows. In order to obtain an American bullmastiff puppy, a prospective owner must apply at least six weeks of full time commitment.

The bullmastiff is a beloved and beautiful dog, and due to their strength, courage, and persistence they have been used in many situations throughout history. However, in more recent years there has been an increase in reports of mastiff ownership by poachers and illegal traders, who in turn have increased the risk of serious disease and even death for these dogs. The American bullmastiff is a very special breed, and its purebred descendants have an even stronger propensity to be victims of poachers and illegal dealers. If you plan to raise a bullmastiff, you must research it’s breeding history thoroughly and become familiar with your local veterinarian. Your vet will be able to advise you whether or not your new pet is a purebred American bullmastiff or a gamebred.

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