How to Care For a Long Hair Rabbit

The German Angora rabbit is among the many 11 different breeds of long hair rabbit which you could keep as a companion or small farm for the long fur known as Angora wool. They usually shear off the animals during collection so it does not hurt them, and it also prevents the younger rabbits from eating the excessively long hair, which can cause blockages at their digestive tract. Long hair rabbits can range from being very fine and coarse to extremely thick, depending on the breed and age. Some are quite soft and cuddly, some have more spiky bristles and look more like a rat than a rabbit, while some are hardier and are used more as pets.

It is very important to care for your long hair rabbit like it is a member of the family. If he has an illness or injury that will affect his ability to produce milk or else leads to skin diseases, you should immediately put him in the isolation cage and only feed him with table scraps until he gets better. Once he is back to normal he should be fed with the same amount as he was before he went into the isolation area, otherwise he will be constantly nibbling on the forbidden long hair. While your rabbit is in the cage, he will also need fresh drinking water daily to prevent sickness.

To maintain a long, healthy life span, you should give your rabbit the right amount of vitamins and nutrients and use the correct cleaning tools and products. Most importantly, you should never place your long haired rabbit in a nylon or polyethylene bag, because the materials will suffocate him. The only acceptable housing for your rabbit is a plastic or wooden nest box, which you should buy from a local pet store if possible. The nesting boxes should be big enough for him to turn around and lay down.

One way to keep your rabbit in an enclosed environment is to make use of a binder and then fill the bottom part of the box with a mixture of vermiculite, wet newspaper and Timothy hay. The purpose of the binder is to create an enclosed sleeping area for your long haired rabbit, while supplying him with moisture and nutrients needed by his body. Timothy hay is beneficial for your rabbit because it helps in increasing his weight and keeping his fur tangle-free. Binders made of absorbent material can help to keep your rabbit from getting soaked in the rain.

When choosing supplies for your long haired rabbit, always remember that he needs a variety of items to prevent stress and illness. Always provide him with a variety of toys to entertain himself and avoid placing him in enclosed spaces. Rabbit toys should not be sharp so as not to injure him when playing.

Feeding your long hair rabbit must be done in a timely manner because he has fast-healing teeth. Young rabbits eat more feedings than adult rabbits because they are growing and require more fiber in their diet. Also, you have to take in account the season when you have to put hay or pellets in your rabbit’s cage because younger rabbits tend to suffer from digestive upset if they do not receive adequate quantities of hay or pellets. If you fail to do these things, you will end up spending more money on veterinary bills for your rabbit in the future because he may get seriously sick from the lack of necessary nutrition.

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