How to Breed Betta Fish

Betta fish are among the most popular and beautiful freshwater pets today. Although these fish are fairly easy to care for and live for about seven years on the water, they still deserve our care as much as any other fish. By the time you are ready to add them to your aquarium, you will have many reasons to want to learn how to care for your betta fish.

Betta fish come in two general types, the brightly colored male betta fish and the dull colored female betta fish. The males are characterized by a brightly colored body with red fins and male bettas generally have two sets of paired fins. The females do not have a red fin set and usually have black or brown fins. Male bettas also have a distinctive black bubble shaped mark on the underside of their tail. Female betta fish also have spines on their hind legs.

Male betta fish can be difficult to take care of and breed properly in captivity. For starters, betta fish require very high levels of water quality and filtration in order to thrive. You should never give your betta fish water that is too high in dissolved oxygen and/or nitrate content. Both of these are vital for betta fish health and can cause disease. The best betta fish care guidelines are to never exceed 20ppm of Osmocorine and never use ammonia to clean your betta fish aquarium.

One of the easiest ways to care for your betta fish is with the help of a natural, harmless betta fish dosing system. These systems are designed for the betta fish species and are quite popular with pet owners. The betta fish system consists of a simple, self-contained biological filtration system that pumps distilled water through a water chamber to generate oxygen for the betta fish. The betta fish tank has a simple pump that fills the water chamber with distilled water. The pump then replaces the distilled water in the chamber with fresh tap water.

Betta fish require a minimum water change every ten gallons and they should be kept in a separate tank from all other aquatic life. To maintain a healthy betta aquarium, a weekly water change is required. This should be conducted regardless of the size of the betta tank. A standard betta filtration system will provide your fish with clean, oxygenated water that is perfectly suited for swimming.

There are two common types of betta species: the Red or Black betta, and the Siamese fighting fish. Breeding betta fry is possible, but it requires a lot of care. The black belt produces a larger betta fry than the other type of bet. It is very important not to force the male betta fry into the female betta tank. They will fight, and the female betta will not survive.

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