How Does An apartment Affect A Dog’s Energy Level?

It is a common misconception that just because a dog is a big dog it cannot be outfitted in some of the trendy fashion styles of today. It is true that most big dogs probably would not get along very well with today’s skinny jeans, and even less likely, would not wear skinny clothes to work (although this could change). However, for big dogs comfort a great option is a soft tote bag. These are often large enough to hold a full outfit of clothing for a working dog, and are easy to take with you wherever you go since most have a zipper or a snap closure on them.

Many working breeds have a much more laid back temperament than the average big dogs. However, it is still important to maintain a level of discipline among your canine companions, as a big dog’s bark can be a warning of a potential attack or bite, it is not always easy to tell the silent side from the alert one. Most dogs will naturally stay calm most of the time, but a high-pitched or barking sound can be a warning of a potential threat. If a dog can not find a peaceful place to rest, it is probably trying to find a way to communicate with you or the person who keeps it in a yard or its pen.

It is a fact that many dogs prefer an apartment over a house, and the apartment is probably a better place for it to live. But the same is not always true for a big breed puppy. The apartment provides a place for the pet to sleep in a small space, and most of these tiny spaces can’t be decorated to be a dog bed or soft furnishings. For example, a big dog’s bed is most likely going to be a solid wood framed structure with a taut top. An apartment will most likely provide a soft cot for the pup to curl up in, or a pillow to prop its feet up on, and a blanket to keep it warm. As a result, a big dog’s bed provides only a minimal amount of mental stimulation, unless it has a special friend or family member that it gets to spend time with.

A big dog that lives in a large apartment will most likely need a more structured routine. There are several ways in which a big dog can handle a lack of routine in a house. One way is by ignoring the fact that it’s living in a house. A big dog in a large apartment may be tempted to chew on things, chew furniture, and dig holes in the wall, just to prove it has a big dog mentality. To keep this from happening, teach your dog to have a structured daily routine in which it goes to the bathroom at a specific time, does its bedtime, eats its dinner, and goes to the bathroom.

Another way in which an apartment life can be detrimental to a big dog’s energy level is by providing it with too much freedom. The majority of dog owners, when they first bring their puppies home, begin to provide their pets with an endless supply of toys and entertainment. Doing this creates a dependency on the pet. This means that you cannot leave the puppy alone in the apartment for fear that it will destroy everything in sight. Instead, you must have a plan for when you are going to allow the puppy to have some free time.

Lastly, a big dog barking volume can be combated with a “bark collar”. These collars attach to the dog’s neck and give a varying level of reprimand. As a side benefit, the barking collars are affordable and will help eliminate many of the common negative problems associated with owning a large breed of dog. All in all, despite their size, big dogs make for fun and lovable pets.

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