Holistic Remedies Replace Store-Bought Dog Foods

Pet health food has become a very hot topic in recent years. There is an increasing concern by pet owners as to the ingredients in commercial pet food and whether or not these ingredients are harming their pets. Recent reports have highlighted that certain commercial pet foods contain euthanized cats and dogs, fish that have been tested in labs with cancer causing contaminants, chemicals and pesticides, and even lead. Many of these substances are banned from human consumption, yet some are used in American and Australian pet food. What is the result of all this animal experimentation and poisoning?

According to Julia Clark, founder of Natural Pet Nutrition, we are the only animal species that shows any desire to consume poison. Most of our carnivore friends are herbivores, seeking out nutrients in plants to enhance their strength and energy levels. Animals like deer and elk receive only a very small portion of their daily nutrition from plants and fruits and vegetables. Humans are the only animal that seems willing to eat anything that can kill them easily, including poison. As a result, many dogs and cats suffer malnutrition and other disorders as a result of our toxic environment.

It was once believed that a dog’s diet consisted of nothing more than hay and grain. Crunchies natural pet foods store sells pet owners topsoil in the form of bags. The store says these bags provide nutritional value to the animals because it is mixed with enzymes and B-complex vitamins to aid in digestion. The problem is that most pet owners cannot identify which nutrients are in the hay and grain so they may be ingesting harmful chemicals.

Another cahill product that is currently being marketed as a healthy treat is TLC nutri-grain. The product claims to be made from a variety of nuts that are safe for pets to eat. The only problem is that the company doesn’t list any of the nuts it uses in the bag. The bags simply claim “nutritious snacks for dogs”, without explaining what those snacks contain. A pet nutrition store should not sell anything to an animal that won’t tell the owner what it contains. The company has yet to find a way to make Cascais nutri-grain nutritious.

Last but not least on the pet-health list is a company called EAS instead of AAFCO. This pet food company sells an all natural dog food that comes in six different flavors. It is made from herbs, spices, and other all natural ingredients and is geared towards healthy dogs. Most pet owners find it difficult to believe that herbal remedies can help their pet, but it has been proven that herbs can help dogs with a wide variety of health issues.

Pet owners looking for a good all natural dog food should look to EAS and AAFCO, two of the major pet food companies that sell safe, balanced, organic dog foods. Both of these companies provide quality all natural dog foods that are made using only the healthiest ingredients available. Holistic remedies are becoming more popular, but until a company like EAS or AAFCO provides a product that proves it, dog owners will have to depend on store brand brands to provide their pet with all natural dog food.

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