Greyhound Dog Training Tips

Greyhound dogs have a rough time at the beginning of their lives, when they are born they are so weak and underdeveloped that it is not even possible to breed them. The breeding of greyhounds has become big business around the world, because they can be used for racing. They are the fastest growing breed of dog in England and Europe today, which is good news for those involved in greyhound competitions. Because they have a great capacity for speed, greyhounds can cover long distances quite easily and they do really well in greyhound races. Their winning rates are very high, which is also good news if you are looking to win some money yourself by participating in greyhound races.

While greyhound dogs were originally bred to be used for hunting, today they are valued for their obedience, speed and energy. It takes a lot of work and dedication to keep a greyhound healthy and working. As the dog’s age they tend to get weaker but because of their incredible speed they are still able to race against much older greyhounds. They also can be quite feisty when it comes to work, so you should be prepared for a great battle when trying to train your new greyhound dog.

Like any other dog breeds there can be some health risks associated with greyhounds as well. One of these risks is hip dysplasia, this is a condition where the pelvic organs develop in the wrong way. This causes the hip joint to twist, which puts pressure on the spinal cord and can lead to arthritis. This is the main cause of death among greyhounds and it can be prevented through early detection and regular checkups.

Another common condition that is sometimes seen in greyhound dogs is patellar luxation. This is a condition where the kneecap relaxes too much, this may be due to irritation or inflammation of the knee caps and makes the dogs prone to lameness. The most common symptom is the dogs waddling back and forth when they jump. If this worsens you should take your dog to the vet.

As with any type of dog breed training there are a few things to remember. One is that you should not train your greyhound under direct supervision of another person. You should use a crate so that the greyhound dog can learn to control his bladder. As long as you are caring for your dog properly he will have no problem following you around the house.

Be sure that the area you plan to house your greyhound dog in has enough space to run around and exercise. This will keep your greyhound dog healthy and happy. It is a good idea to get your greyhound puppy socialized at an early age, this will prepare them for life as a dog. The great thing about greyhounds is that they can be used for many different things including racing. So get yourself a couple of greyhounds and start practicing your obedience lessons.

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