Give Your Dog a Great Gift – Collar!

“I’ve got to get home and clean up,” my wife blurted out when I asked her to take our dog to the vet the other day. I love my dog, but she’s one of those dogs that needs a good dose of housebreaking every once in a while. When my dog was still a puppy, he used to roll around in the dirt a lot. I would get in the car and take him outside to his designated area, but it never seemed to work out. So I made a solution for this problem.

I love to have my dog on a leash, but sometimes I don’t want to take him where I want to. My solution for this problem is a simple collar and leash system that attach to the handle of my car’s rear bumper. If he thinks that I’m going to be anywhere near him while he is running, he stops what he is doing and stops me from going where I want to go. It’s like having a small dog that’s always on a leash. Now, he gets to have all the benefits that a leash brings (cleaning up, watching your puppy, etc), without any of the drawbacks.

So what are some of the problems with pet store style dog collars? I have seen some pretty funny pictures on the internet. The ones where the dog has been put to sleep (like a cat) after being left in the car for hours or even days on end. Now, these pictures are comical only. In real life, dogs die from being left alone in the car for long periods of time. They get sick, they get colds and can even get heatstroke.

So the question is, are you going to look at these things and laugh at your dog, or look at you dog and say ‘wow, he sure loves his life’ as he plays with his ball and runs around you in the snow or walks beside you in the grass. A good way to keep your dog from looking silly when he has his collar on is to make sure that it fits him properly. That is what we call a good fit! If you are having trouble finding collars that fit right, try one that has snaps instead of buttons.

Another problem with store bought collars is that they don’t clean well, so sometimes the dirt, oils and bacteria get inside and then you have to sew them back up. This is not a big deal for a dog that is used to clean himself but for a younger dog that hasn’t yet learned this habit, it can be very embarrassing! You know, like cleaning your bottom and trying to explain to your dog ‘don’t do that, momma would be upset’. I know… that didn’t work either!

By buying a collar that you can clean yourself (or have it clean by someone who knows how) you can really give your dog the benefit of the doubt. He will enjoy being able to sit on your lap or in your hand while you clean, and he will look better because he will be less likely to get dirty. It is very easy for us humans to slip into our own messes, so giving your dog a chance at making his own clean looks great in the eyes of your dog AND of course, of other people who walk by!

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