Five Tips To Help You Keep Your Big Rabbit Healthy

The Flemish Giant domestic rabbit is an extremely large breed of domestic bunny, usually thought to be the biggest breed of this species. Flemish Giants has been historically a utility breed primarily bred for meat and fur. In recent years they have become increasingly popular as pets due to their small size and loving personalities. Many pet retailers now stock a large selection of Flemish Giants.

Contrary to popular belief, Giant rabbits are not native to the Netherlands but were imported in the early part of the twentieth century from Belgium. They were first bred at Dordrechts breeding center in Belgium and after some time were released into the United Kingdom and later to the United States. In the United States they were designated as the White Rambler and soon became popular. They have quickly become an increasing number of choice big rabbit breeds. One reason for their growing popularity is that they tend to grow to an impressive two to three inches in height.

In order to keep rabbits safe and secure at all times, a large hutch is necessary. Ideally, a two foot by four foot shed with a wire mesh bottom is perfect. Rabbit hutch kits can be purchased at most pet retailers or from online sources. Before purchasing a kit, it is important to carefully consider exactly what is needed in the kit so that your new pet rabbits will receive all the necessities.

Although it is possible to build a rabbit-safe shed yourself, it is generally advisable to seek professional assistance to achieve a large, secure hutch. A high quality set of rabbit-safe plans will outline all of the steps to follow as well as provide detailed instructions for the materials, tools and construction techniques to ensure a successful project. Only a trained professional with a demonstrated track record will be able to successfully complete this task. The cost of having a professionally designed shed constructed is very small compared to the value of having a safe place for your rabbits to live.

Next, grooming for rabbits is essential to keep them healthy. A weekly brushing session is highly recommended to help prevent matting. Although grooming rabbits inside the house may not seem as entertaining as grooming them outside, it is crucial to keep their coats shiny and free of tangles. Also, keeping hair out of the eyes will help prevent them from being scratched during playtime. As rabbits are notorious escape artists, it is important to make sure their living area is secure and clean before allowing them to run around unsupervised.

When it comes to health issues, many factors can contribute to developing flystrike. Although the risk of developing this condition is great for any breed, rabbits have a higher chance of developing it if they are not properly socialized. If you are planning to include a rabbit in your household, it is important to be aware of potential flystrike risks and to work with your veterinarian to create a healthy environment for your pet to thrive in.

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