English Bulldogs: The Real Pit Bull Terrier

The Bulldog has been developed a lot since his origins from ancient mastiff-like dogs. Described by the first description of this breed was in 1501, a reference to a “man with two Mastiffs at his tail.” The bulldog has been bred down through the years, but his original, strong-jawed posture still endures. In the mean time, many variations on this theme have been developed, making for an impressive variety of Bulldog puppies for sale today.

The original meaning of the word “bulldog” is Latin for “miserable”. The meaning of this word today is somewhat less negative, but it still describes the original bulldog in a rather unfavorable light. A bulldog named “Midget” was owned by the English king Charles II. This bulldog was later changed to “Bull-o-chio” for his benefit, and he was also called “Bully” because of his ferocity. It was also because of this, that the word “bulldog” came into existence.

The origin of the modern bulldog as we see him today began with English bulldogs that were bred for fighting in England during the early to mid-nineteenth century. During this time the term “bulldog” was often used in a derogatory manner. This was especially true in the South. Bulldogs, like other pit bulls, were often used as fighters, and there is much truth in the old saying about the “bully” being a “man’s best friend”. Through time, other names have been given to the Bulldog, including: fury, earner, bully, steamboat, stringer, bloodhound, mastiff, and tartar.

There are many common mistakes made when breeding dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has set the Breed Standard of the American Bulldog (BSD) in an attempt to standardize the characteristics of this dog. Breeder usually submit puppies for registration to AKC without ensuring they meet the breed standards. Without knowing what is required for registration, an inexperienced breeder can submit puppies to the AKC that are likely to have serious health or behavioral issues. Some puppies will be offered for sale, but the breeder may not follow up on these animals after they reach adult size and demand a high price. This results in the puppies being sold at a low price and breeding issues increasing over time.

Not all reputable breeders submit their puppies to AKC obedience training and show. Many are just interested in selling their puppies, never caring if the dog has any future with the show ring. Because of this, there are AKC breeders who are willing to train their bulldog in a legitimate manner, such as American Bulldog obedience training, or the Classic Poodle Training. These dogs have proven their temperament and ability to be obedient in both training environments and are more likely to end up in loving homes. This is the key to getting the best bulldog puppies for the highest quality pets.

English bulldog puppies are often considered “spoiled” because of their tendency to be destructive when socializing in a household. Some English bulldogs have been spayed or neutered to reduce their chances of developing behavioral problems and have a better chance living with their human companions. There are also special bulldog spaying programs offered by the American Bulldog Foundation. These are great places to find information about English bulldog care.

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