Cute Small Dog Breed – The Cute Small Fox Terrier

Small dogs are loved by many people, especially those that have small homes. Small dog breeds can be found everywhere; they are cute and fun to play with. Most small dogs are easy to care for and breeders are continually looking for ways to improve these dogs. They are great companions, great watchdogs, easy to teach tricks, and a good choice for anyone who is small or large dogs. When owning any small dog, there are things to consider before choosing a breed and purchasing a dog.

Cute Small Dog Breeds for Families and Kids Small dogs make wonderful family pets. They are great companions, often appearing as if they want to take over the whole household. They love their master, however, and are usually found sleeping underneath the bed, pillow, or blanket. They require special attention, management, and frequent visits to the vet, and should be handled by the owner all the time. Small breed puppies are often born with skin problems that are more noticeable than adult dogs and will often be diagnosed as “dormant” later on in life.

Average Height and Weight Small breed puppies are generally four to five pounds under the average height of an adult dog. Most of them are under one hundred pounds, although there are exceptions. Many times, the breeders are unable to breed many of the smaller dogs because of their low average height, so they are more often listed as “Spaniels” or “Lhasa Lhasa’s.” Small dogs are most often very delicate and very sensitive, and therefore they need extra special care. Their coats need brushing, and they are not suited for climates that are extremely cold, hot or humid.

Body Weight Although all cute small dog breeds are smaller than the average-sized dog, not all of them are light or even heavy. Many of them have a medium or full body weight, meaning they are neither too skinny nor too heavy. However, these dogs may be heavier than other heavier dogs simply because they have less muscle mass and are more proportioned in structure.

Health Problems Many Fox Terriers suffers from health problems, and they can range from kidney problems to serious eye diseases, breathing difficulties, and ear infections. Jack Russell suffers from a health problem called “canine epilepsy” and it is far more serious than in any other dog breed. This disease occurs when the brain cells are abnormally affected by seizures. This can be prevented by taking good care of the dogs, and giving them regular exercise. Unfortunately, Fox Terriers that has experienced more than just one seizure can develop this condition into epilepsy. Allergic reactions to flea powder, insect bites, and even dust can lead to seizures and this must be taken seriously.

The Tri-Color or White Boston Terrier is extremely intelligent and playful, making these dogs great pets. Their distinct white and black fur can make them stand out in a crowd, but they are also very alert and inquisitive. These dogs tend to suffer from short attention spans, so they need to be taught as soon as possible, but with the right training, they will grow up to be highly intelligent pets. They should learn basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and lay down, but if you don’t want your terrier to be too destructive, then you might want to consider another breed.

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