Considerations For Choosing Between Various Plymouth Rock Chicken Varieties

The Plymouth Rock chicken is one of America’s oldest and highest respected chicken breeds. This extremely popular breed has had a significant following since its introduction during the early 1920’s. During this era the government encouraged people to raise their own fresh food on a large scale and the Plymouth Rock chickens were the go to breed that occupied sheds, coops and large homes. Through the decades the breed has been bred down to a very healthy, low maintenance chicken with great endurance and capability for a variety of tasks in modern day raising.

While the original plan was to have a hen house made from the hen house itself, it was discovered that the best location for the chicken was an outdoor area that received ample daylight. This discovery was a boon to the owners because it allowed them to feed their chickens at different times of the day. Although many other breeds of chicken have been successfully fed table scraps, the key to a well kept, healthy hen is providing it with scraps from all the various food groups. Flax seed and sunflower seeds are great sources of nutrition for your hens. Other food sources include different types of meats such as liver, chicken, beef and turkey.

Some breeds of chickens are considered bottom feeders, meaning that they need to be nourished with additional food in order to maintain high egg production. The good news is that there are some excellent recipes available on-line that will enable you to feed your hens the proper amounts of food to maintain high egg production. If you are concerned about high egg production, you should know that chickens lay about 360 eggs in a 8-week period. Another factor affecting egg production is how much space your chickens have.

The third main criterion for consideration when making a selection is whether or not you are looking for breeds that have access to sun or shade in their daily life. All breeds have access to both elements and each will dictate their lifestyle. Barred chickens, for example, are great at spending the day outdoors because they have thick protective carapaces that block the heat from the sun and protect them from the rain.

Barred chickens are also very active and are a great breed to have in a backyard environment because they produce large quantities of eggs that are delicious. Another benefit to raising this type of chicken is that they lay blue colored eggs because they contain highly concentrated calcium. The high concentration of calcium within the egg makes it very tender and when cooked turns light brown. You can alternate white and brown eggs because the white ones are more popular for Easter and are usually served as breakfast. Egg laying hens lay several eggs at a time and usually finish laying just before dark every day.

Plymouth Rock Chicken is another popular variety of laying hens that you may want to consider. This is primarily due to the fact that this variety lays the most luxurious and flavorful eggs. Aside from the extremely high quality of eggs produced, this type of chicken also produces hens that are very disease free, are easy to care for, and produce huge amounts of baby chicks. The feather of these birds are also some of the best available in terms of quality. In fact, many people prefer to buy these varieties because of the hens that have the highest quality of feather within their shells.

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