Cite Needed For Dalmatian Dog Breeds

The Dalmatian dog is one of the most popular breeds in the world and its popularity continues to rise. Many people are captivated by this breed for many different reasons. It has an athletic body, beautiful coats and an endless amount of personality. In order to keep your Dalmatian looking its best and feeling comfortable you will need to maintain a regular grooming routine.

Most Dalmatian dogs have long, silky coats that require little care. However, the coat does shed and it is important to brush your Dalmatian dog regularly to avoid matting. Due to their athletic bodies many Dalmatians shed more than other breeds. If you find your Dalmatian dog shedding excessively, you will want to make sure that you are brushing them on a regular basis.

The Dalmatian dog comes in a variety of colors including tan, white and black. They are sometimes referred to as British tan and have a naturally curly hair that gives them the appearance of a bull. The American Dalmatian is somewhere in between and the British Dalmatian is closer to the American than the British. There is no definite breed standard for the Dalmatian but the color normally goes from tan to white and back to tan. The coats come in a variety of colors and some are extremely white and some have brown spots. You can help avoid matting by buying a breed that has a shorter coat.

There is no definite Dalmatian breed standard due to the large number of different Dalmatian variations. Some Dalmatians may have longer coats while others may have shorter coats. The coat color of your Dalmatian depends upon the dominant breed characteristic as mentioned above. If you notice any Dalmatian dog with nose spots, these are signs that the particular dog you are trying to purchase is not of the purebred type. Although most of the Dalmatian dogs are not prone to having nose spots you should still check for these spots because there is a chance that they could be a sign of an allergy.

Many people think that because Dalmatian puppies are very cute, they will be immune to some potential diseases. On the contrary, all breeds can get sick especially those that are not of the purebred bloodline. There are several diseases that can affect Dalmatians including hypothyroidism, arthritis and kidney disease. These types of diseases can be prevented if you make an effort to socialize your new puppy with other dogs early on. Socialization can occur when the dog is young or when it is at home with you but regardless of the age, it is vital that the dog is always around other dogs and humans. This will help prevent the Dalmatian from developing any allergies.

Because of the popularity of the Dalmatian dog breed there is often confusion regarding which breed is the purebred Dalmatian. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a list of purebreds that are recognized by the AKC as the “Poodle” and the “Dalmatian.” The AKC also has a list of “Provence” breeds that are recognized by the AKC as the “Provence” breeds. When a reference is cited needed it is important to have that information to ensure that the dog is not a purebred Dalmatian and not a province.

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