Chinese Golden Pheasants

The Golden Pheasant, also known as the Queen’s Rat or the Black Rat is a small and wonderful bird. It is the smallest of the Macaw, weighing only about five and a half ounces. This Golden Pheasant also has some unique features that make it a very interesting pet. We will go over some of these characteristics in this article.

The most unique characteristic of Golden Pheasants is their yellow heads with black eyebrows. The other prominent feature is the long narrow beak which enables these birds to eat berries, nuts, acorns and other types of seeds. Male golden pheasants also sport a white collar on their throats. Female golden pheasans have a pink breast and a dark ring under the breast feathers. The male’s tail has three toes and the female’s tail has two toes.

The head of a male golden pheasant is plain and bright red; the other characteristics are normally found on both sexes except for the color of the beak and the collar. The neck is black with a narrow crest that is shiny red. The wings are short and thin with bright red covering. There is a small yellow “V” between the crest and the wings.

Golden Pheasant plumage is bright red with darker markings on the body. The face is marked with a diamond shaped marking near the eyes. There is a darker mark along the top of the face and on the side of the head. On females there is a black ring under the breast feathers. The male’s crest has a wider yellow border than that on the females.

Breeding and raising offspring of this beautiful bird is a matter of good fortune for breeders. Pheasant breeders need to know the correct conditions for breeding so that they can increase the quantity of females available to mate with a male. When breeding males be sure that the females are not overcrowded or stressed before trying to breed. Golden Pheasant breeding is a delicate matter because if a female is not ready to breed then the male will go elsewhere to mate with a fertile female. It is important that a breeder understands these things before trying to start a breeding pair.

There are many advantages of owning Chinese golden pheasants and one of these is their availability in captivity. Pheasants from captivity will grow to be very healthy and flighty, but this lack of flight ability makes them easy to handle. They have a sweet nature and are easy to please. They make very good pets because of their small size and beautiful colors.

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