Budgerigar – The Australian Parrot

Budgerigar, or budgiers, are moderately sized, bright colored Australian birds typically having orange and green plumage on their heads and backs. Budgerigar are very sociable birds with humans being highly involved in their social lives. The males of this species are usually bright red or orange in color and the females have yellow and green coloring to their breast. Budgerigar is a part of the bird family that are very active during the spring time.

Budgerigar are small to medium sized, the size varying between five to eight inches in length. The eye is larger than the beak and is rounded with a short neck and red cheeks. The head is triangular with dark colored cheek patches and large, pointed beak. Flanked by two wings that are short and thin they are small and attractive birds with a plump and sweet voice. The male budgerigar stands erect with its wings spread wide, the female budgerigar sits on the edge of the perch watching the action.

Budgerigar prefer scrubby open ground cover such as litter and grasslands thrive in. Budgerigar also feed on a large variety of seeds and other vegetation, for example dandelions, banana, sweet peas and mayorphs. Australian grasslands and scrublands are ideal habitats for budgerigars in Australia. They also enjoy trees such as sycamore, elm, oak and birch. Budgerigar are an important aspect of the Australian grassland environment due to their ability to recycle fallen leaves to form new shoots.

Budgies are commonly found in grasslands and coastal areas of south eastern Australia, although they are rarely seen in arid regions. Budgerigar is a migratory bird that prefers to spend the winter months basking in the sun on the sand. In the summer they take to the ocean and fly long distances, particularly in the northern coastal areas where waters are warm and they can swim well. During this time they will build larger broods of up to thirty or more budgies each year. Due to their extreme longevity, breeding Budgerigar populations often survive for more than a decade.

Budgerigar are now becoming popular as pets all across the world. It is not uncommon to see budgies in aquariums and aviaries all over the internet. They have become a sought after commodity in the pet trade due to their hardy temperament, beautiful coloration and unique flight pattern. Their soft white flesh and black tipped claws make them unique among birds with the same bill.

Budgerigar are generally easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance. Their natural habitat is the coastal marshes and lowland grasslands of southern Australia, the northern suburbs of qurkyra and Sydney. They also occur in grasslands and woodlands in the central mountains of Chile and Peru. Budgerigar is an extremely versatile bird that is comfortable in most environments and is rarely seen as a sole breed although there are some subspecies that only breed at particular times of the year.

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