Bearded Dragon Lizards

The bearded dragon lizard is the newest member of the Testudines Order, the first group of reptiles to be represented on a family tree. DescriptionPogona is a Greek genus containing six lizard species that are commonly referred to by the popular name bearded dragons. These lizards belong to the Descriptive Family Testudines. Other members of this genera are: Hypophys – Thysanura, Diplodocus – Trachymele and the various subspecies in the Testudine order.

In the past bearded dragon lizards were considered to be a separate genus all their own. It was believed by some scientists that there were separate classes within the Testudines. It was eventually realized that these dragons did not indeed have a unique class but they did share similar characteristics with other reptiles. This led to the reclassification as part of the bearded dragon family. The reclassification also resulted in a change in spelling of the name, which was previously spelled bearded dragon.

There are many species of bearded dragon lizards that inhabit North America and Asia. The bearded dragon lizard is the smallest among these and is found from southern Oregon and northern California. Like most bearded dragon lizards the bearded dragon has a thick body with short legs and a powerful tail.

The bearded dragon lizard is an aggressive lizard that requires large areas of devoted space to roam. It can become aggressive if it feels its territory is being threatened or intruded upon. They also bite when provoked, although they usually only bite during times of stress. Their teeth are very small but are capable of inflicting painful and often deadly damage. They also sport numerous brightly colored rots that play an important part in their mating ritual.

When buying or adopting a bearded dragon, you must be sure that you are getting a captive bred bearded dragon lizard. Although these lizards do make good pets, they can also be quite aggressive and dangerous reptiles. Some species of bearded dragon are quite large and can threaten homeowners if they get too close. Their tails can coil out quite a way, causing them to unintentionally trip or hurt themselves when coming out of their enclosures. They also don’t always shed their loose scales, making it easier for them to get tangled in sheets and suchlike things.

Generally, bearded dragon lizards are hardy reptile pets that will do well in most environments. They have strong protective instincts that keep them from being aggressive towards people or other animals. These strong defenses make them excellent animals to have as a pet. Their coloration and patterning also give them an inviting appearance that makes them look like they are right out of the pages of a dragon book. And their ability to bond with their owners makes them a great option for pets.

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