A Guide to Buying and Changing Filter Aquariums

Filter aquariums are important elements of both saltwater and freshwater aquararia. Filter aquariums clean the water of unwanted materials that can build up in the aquarium over time. They are also used as breeding vessels for many species of tropical fish. Aquarium filters take out soluble and physical waste products from the water, greatly simplify maintenance.

There are several different filter aquariums available. The most common filter aquarium is the standard filter aquarium. These filter tanks are usually made of rubber, stainless steel or a combination of the two. Rubber filter tanks are easy to clean and maintain. However, stainless steel filter tanks have a more resistance to rust and corrosion, and are generally preferred for long-term use.

Some aquariums have replaceable filter cartridges. A filter cartridge is simply a spares part, typically made of rubber or vinyl, that fits into a filter tank. When a filter is overused, however, it can become damaged or unable to filter waste efficiently, necessitating the need for a new filter tank.

There are also “step-up” filter aquariums. These filter tanks are simply an upgrade of the filter tanks already in a filter system. The step-up filter is made to be larger than the original filter, and to accommodate more water. These filter aquariums are also commonly used in tropical fish tanks.

Another type of filter aquarium is the UV filter. These filter aquariums filter harmful UV rays out of the aquarium water. These filter tanks require a UV filter that is properly installed and can handle the amount of UV light the aquarium may have. Proper installation of the UV filter is critical to the health of the fish.

If your aquarium is too small to fit standard filter tanks, there are filter aquariums that can be custom-made for your specific aquarium. Many reputable aquarium companies now offer custom-made filter tanks and filter cartridges. These filters can be attached to the inside of your aquarium and can include things like water circulation systems, aerators, and lighting to name a few. While the custom-made filter tanks can be a bit more expensive, they can provide you with exactly what you need for your particular aquarium size and design. These filter aquariums are also good for holding chemicals that would normally be too large for standard filter tanks.

Once you have selected the type of filter that fits your needs best, you will need to know how to properly care for it. Like any other filter, the filter aquarium must be maintained to keep it functioning properly. The water condition of your filter aquarium can determine how often the filter needs to be changed. The water conditions can change due to temperature changes, evaporation, or other water conditions. If you notice that your filter aquarium is not working as well as it once did, you should change the filter on your aquarium at least twice a year.

The filter tanks and filter cartridges can break down if they are overfished. Overfishing can result in excess debris and waste in the filter tanks. Filters need to be changed every six months or so or else they will become clogged with gunk from the fish, plants, and other organisms. Filters also need to be checked periodically to make sure that they are not dirty or blocked. For added convenience, many filter aquariums come with automatic water testing kit. When these filter aquariums are cleaned, they often come with a water-testing kit that you can use to determine exactly what is in your water.

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